Jean and I have just returned from a very productive trip to London where we met Dr. Dale Bredesen.

As always, in addition to discussing individual cases, a big part of the meeting revolves around the latest thoughts on what is working with RECODE patients internationally.

At this meeting, he outlined 4 key issues that are making a huge difference to patient outcomes worldwide.


Oxygen levels

It appears that some patients may have low levels of oxygen saturation, especially at night. This is more so for our patients with vascular issues, but he suggests that all patients need to be checked.  Oximeters that measure oxygen saturation are very inexpensive and easy to use and can easily be done at home.


Oral hygiene

Earlier this year studies came out that showed the strong correlation between gum disease and cognitive decline. Dr. Bredesen said that patients that are doing oil pulling and using dentalcidin appear to be getting better results (more links below). This will also reduce the good bacteria orally, so needs to be followed up with a dental probiotic. There is also now testing available to determine whether any organisms residing in the mouth are harmful. We are teamed up with an integrated dentist, Dr. Neeraj Puri, who is helping our patients with dental issues. (


Immune system support

This is critical as it appears more likely that certain organisms play a role in damaging immune system support. The thinking is that some of the amyloid being laid down is a protection against viruses and toxins. Jean is very focused on this with the herbal medicine but in some cases, we will also be adding in additional antivirals.



Dr Dale Bredesen spoke very highly of combining photomodulation (light therapy) with Quantitive EEG which we are now able to provide in house. There are several good research projects running that combine photomodulation with QEEG so we eagerly await those results.

For our local patients, this will be a very beneficial add on to our practice (