The Brain Health Programme Workshops | Edinburgh

What if you could learn to take charge of your own brain health?

If you are concerned about your brain health and how you can best prepare for a future where over 1 million of us will have Dementia in 2025, and 2 million by 2051, you have come to the right place.

We already have a huge challenge ahead, with Dementia now the leading cause of death for British women. Statistically speaking, someone will develop Dementia in the UK every three minutes. How many new sufferers will there be by the time you’ve finished reading this page?

Unfortunately, Dementia research is still desperately underfunded in the UK, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t active measures you can take now to better understand what cognitive decline is, and what we know about its causes.

We are believers in life-long learning, and no matter how long ago you last went to school or university, we believe you are capable of learning about and implementing the latest scientific knowledge with the right help and support.

That’s why part of our plan to combat Alzheimer’s includes the Brain Health Programme workshop. These workshops take place several times a year in our friendly Edinburgh clinic or virtually via Zoom. Our fully trained practitioners, each specialists in fields ranging from nutrition and biofeedback therapy to herbal medicine, lead workshops designed to educate and empower participants to take control of their brain health.

Keep reading to find out more about the workshop content, what participants have to say about their experience, meet our workshop leaders and much more.

What You’ll Learn at the Brain Health Workshop

We cover 6 topics over 6 weeks of hands-on learning. You can click through the tabs below to read a short summary of each one. The course sections help you to build a robust approach to maintaining and improving your brain health. All advice is grounded in scientific research and our workshop leaders are always on hand to help you customise advice to your own lifestyle and unique needs.



Drowning in contradictory diet advice? Let’s cut through the noise and focus on making the most effective choices for you. We examine the relationship between nutrition and brain health, and explain how to make food choices that boost your body, rather than hinder it.

Topics covered include blood-sugar level management, glyaemic index and load, cholestorol, fats, protein, intermittent fasting, the nutrition gap, and much more! Expect to learn exactly how your body is using your food, and how you can battle brain fog and even improve energy levels by choosing the right foods at the right time.

Your lifestyle is causing havoc in your gut, but it’s your brain that suffers! Learn about the connection and how to love your gut so it takes care of you.

You’ll learn about the role of gut organisms in your everyday life, how to support the immune system and curate a diet for a happy gut.

Unfortunately, stress relief isn’t a switch that we can flip on and off. It looks different for every person, and until you know what it feels like to manage stress effectively, you might not realise how big an effect stress is having on your health.

At the same time, we welcome very busy people to our workshops and we know that juggling responsibilities can’t just stop overnight, even if it is better for your brain! Expect practical advice and support in gradually learning to manage stress more effectively and see less consequences of stress as a result.

Do you think of yourself as having a good sleep routine? Perhaps you work shifts or travel a lot, and find it tricky to stick to a simple sleep schedule?

We’ll examine the relationship between sleep and brain health, and learn how to tell the difference between restorative rest and poor sleep. You’ll develop better awareness of your energy levels and how to maintain your sleep even in times of stress or exertion.

We all know we need exercise, but it’s easier said than done sometimes.

What if you could really make the most of your exercise time and try to maximise the benefits for your mind as well as for your body?

We’ll cover the benefits, but also the practicalities of finding a regime that works for you.

Modern life helps us cut a lot of corners – is your brain health suffering with lack of use in certain areas?

Our phones can do so many things for us that our brains used to – adding, subtracting, remembering appointments, finding directions, answering questions. Is it any wonder that our brains are getting a little lazy?

We’ll show you how to ensure that your brain is getting a daily workout in a quick, fun and manageable way.

How Do I Book My Place On The Next Brain Health Workshop?

The workshop takes place every Thursday for a period of six weeks, starting on the 23rd of May at 6pm – 7.30pm. There is a total of six modules that we will cover over six weeks at cost of £295

Click here to book your place.

Alternatively, if you are unable to make these dates but you would like to register your interest for the next workshops later in the year, please get in touch with us using our contact page.

We are planning an advanced Brain Health programme designed by the Cogmission team to be delivered later this year. It is dedicated to those of you who have completed the previous BHP and would like to further expand their knowledge on brain health, as well as to everyone who wants to understand how preventive measures can protect their brain from cognitive decline

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Normally the workshops take place at CBC House in Canning Street, Edinburgh, which is the location for our friendly clinic where we also see patients and support those following the Bredesen Protocol for Alzheimer’s and Dementia management, however in the current circumstances they will be delivered virtually via Zoom. If you have any queries or want to find out more about the workshops, click here to access our booking form and we’ll get back in touch as soon as possible. See you soon!