What is neurofeedback?


“Neurofeedback is a computer based system that corrects brainwave safely while you watch a movie or listen to music. Irregular brainwaves are responsible for many neurological conditions, such as ADHD, learning issues, anxiety, depression, insomnia, migraines, memory, loss, and more.


How do we determine your condition?


By using software to produce your own individualised brain map. The process is non-invasive, safe, takes only 20 minutes and incredibly accurate. The brain map report will identify problem areas that can be corrected using neurofeedback.”


Neurofeedback Pricing


Advanced QEEG Brain Mapping & Report

Initial Appointment Includes History, Brain Mapping with report, programme
design and 1st neurofeedback session

Pay as you go sessions (30min session)



10 Session Package
Includes Brain Mapping, History Assessment & Neuro
Programme Design plus 10 sessions
£425 SAVING over PAYG


20 Session Package
Includes Brain Mapping, History Assessment & Neuro
Programme Design plus 20 sessions
£625 SAVING over PAYG


Our 10 and 20 session packages include Brain Mapping, History Assessment and Neuro Programme design for free and result in per session prices of £75 and £70 respectively. If you decide to continue after 20 sessions, then the per session price is fixed at £70.

It is recommended that you commit to 20 sessions (each session taking approximately 30- 45 minutes). This will enable a level of training that should result in the permanent ability for the brain to self-regulate effectively. Most clients are also suitable for ‘double sessions’ that last 75 minutes from start to finish.


Taster sessions

For those who are unsure if Neurofeedback is for them, we also offer a Neurofeedback ‘Taster’ Programme which consists of a History Assessment, Neuro Programme Design and 3 trial Neurofeedback sessions, at a significant discount on the PAYG price.

It should be stressed results should not be expected from so few sessions, but this programme is suitable for those serious about Neurofeedback who plan to upgrade to the 10 or 20 session packages if the ‘Taster’ sessions are comfortable.