Patient Commitment

woman and man holding hands

At CogMission we commit to being 100% invested in your health and wellness in an honest and sensitive way. Our responsibilities are to work tirelessly to find solutions, keep up to date with research (including the Bredesen Protocol UK) and ensure that we offer the most effective treatments with no negative effects.

In return, we expect a level of commitment from our patients and carers. We will only work with patients and carers who are committed to undertaking the following responsibilities. Patients or carers are expected to sign a contract in which they take responsibility.

When I agree to work with the Cogmission team, I agree to:

  1. Learning how to promote my own health and wellness and for those that I care for
  2. Actively working to eliminate unhealthy habits that no longer serve me.
  3. Eating properly, exercising, and striving to eliminate stressors within my control.
  4. Asking questions when I do not understand the advice offered.
  5. Following the medical advice when mutually agreed upon by my physician and me.
  6. Taking my herbal and supplemental medications as prescribed.
  7. Keeping a list of all medications, both prescription and non-prescription (including herbals, homeopathic, and neutraceutical), that I take and who prescribed them.
  8. Bringing my medication list to the office at every visit.
  9. Knowing when I will need refills and ordering herbs or supplements so as to not run out of pills.
  10. Keeping my follow up appointments.
  11. Being an active partner in my medical care.

My health is important to me and my loved ones. I will work hard to care for myself. I understand that my physicians cannot help me if I will not help myself. I expect my physician to offer me his/her best advice based on his/her medical training. I understand that, without my active participation, my physician’s ability to help me is limited. I understand that my physician is the consulting partner, I am the working partner. Working together, we can accomplish great things.

We expect patients to follow the Ketoflex diet as recommended by Dr. Bredesen.