What is a Cognoscopy?

Worried about your current brain health levels?

Discovered that you hold the so-called ‘Alzheimer’s gene’, or finding it difficult to focus at work?

Just like you would get a yearly MOT for your car, we think it’s a brilliant idea to get one for your brain health, too.

We call these checkups cognoscopies. They consist of a few different tests which allow us to create a ‘snapshot’ of your current brain health: what’s good and what needs to be improved.

When testing, we are primarily interested in looking at the following:

Inflammation in the body

Suboptimal hormones

Suboptimal brain nutrition

Toxic compounds

We’ll talk you through your results and help you put together an action plan for getting your mental clarity back.

Beyond that, we have more and more evidence to suggest that early signs of Alzheimer’s and dementia can actually be spotted far sooner, and treated far sooner, when we take a proactive approach to brain health.

Processes and Pricing

A cognoscopy sounds a little intimidating, but it can almost be fun… at least, once you’ve got the blood tests over and done with!

We’ll arrange for a blood test at your convenience, and gather some history from you about your health.

Then, we’ll need you to pop into the office for some cognitive testing, completed on a computer. This is a series of quizzes and questions designed to measure various aspects of cognition.

Not only is this a great way to see where your brain health is currently at, but it also means that we can re-test further down the line and see how your results change over time.

Our full cognoscopy includes:

1. Cognitive assessment test (CNSVS)

2. Extensive laboratory testing (FBC/ESR Biochemistry Profile Lipid Profile Ferritin,Thyroid Function, Vitamin D,  HbA1c, Insulin,  hsCRP,  DHEAs, Oestradiol, Progesterone, Cortisol, Testosterone Total, Testosterone Free, Folate, B12, whole blood mineral Screen, toxic metals, homocysteine)

3. Full consultation with recommendations

Although not included, we would strongly suggest comprehensive gut testing.

And starts from £1031.00

Interested in booking a cognoscopy with us?

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