Photo of Neeraj Puri CogMission Dentist

Neeraj Puri

Neeraj offers expertise as a CogMission Dentist, specialising in helping health therapists help their patients on their detox journey.

Neeraj qualified as a dentist in Glasgow in 1996, has a certificate in Implantology and currently works in the West end of Edinburgh.

With over 20 years experience, Neeraj support clients who are looking to have their amalgam fillings replaced by non-mercury based options.

A member of the International Association of Medicine and Toxicology, he ensures that he follows their stringent protocols for the replacement of fillings. Neeraj is particularly passionate about enabling the replacement of missing teeth with metal free implants – this allows for better mastication and nutrient extraction. Researching gum disease and its links with systemic disorders is another interest of his.

Having worked with Charmaine for many years, providing the dental support for issues linked with the mouth, Neeraj is now assisting as CogMission dentist and advising patients.