The Bredesen Protocol Cost

At CogMission, we believe in being upfront about all the costs so that the patient and family can make a fully informed decision before starting care.

It is vital to us that patients are committed, and this only happens when they have no unexpected surprises.

This section contains information about the Bredesen Protocol fees, so this is for patients who are ranging from mild to moderate cognitive decline, including Alzheimer’s or Dementia.

All patients initially begin with a full Cognoscopy prior to entering the protocol.

Read on to see a price breakdown of the Bredesen Protocol with CogMission.


The Bredesen Protocol Treatment Program Fees

The programme is very individualised but on average, the cost per day is £32.

All fees are payable monthly by standing order.

After the initial testing, patients move onto a monthly fee. Please see below for detailed breakdown.

Initial Phase of The Bredesen Protocol 

The essential tests include:

  1. Cognitive assessment test (CNSVS)
  2. Cognitive screening MoCA
  3. Health history and complete Living Matrix Profile
  4. QEEG Brainmap with a written report
  5. Extensive laboratory testing (FBC/ESR, Biochemistry Profile, Lipid Profile Ferritin, Thyroid Function, Vitamin D, HbA1c, Insulin, hsCRP, DHEAs, Oestradiol, Progesterone, Cortisol, Testosterone Total, Testosterone Free, Folate, B12, whole blood mineral Screen, toxic metals, homocysteine and more)
  6. Genetic markers, omega status, glutathione, mycotoxins, Vit C, E, carotenes, B1, B2 and B6, methylation status, GI Comprehensive

Once we have all the results and findings, our board of practitioners get together to analyse and to discuss plan of action for each individual case.  What happens next is:

  1. Both clinic directors will meet you for 90 minutes consultation to present you with findings and recommendations
  2. Our Senior Nutritional Therapies will meet you for the initial consultation and guide you through your individualised dietary protocol
  3. You will receive a personal report with summary

Total investment is £3600

Some patients require more extensive testing, which may include:

Lyme Disease and co-infections £1486.00

MARCoNS £385

Mould and CIRS £1625

Comprehensive Autoimmune profile £660

Cyrex Alzheimers associated immune reactivity screen £730

Full Genetic Evaluation

We have published all the prices here for transparency, but it will not be clear how much or little testing a patient requires until we have done a full consultation.

Monthly fee £500  

The protocol is intense, detailed and individualised. This requires initially a
case history and workup to be carried out by all our practitioners to ensure that every
aspect of possible care is covered. Once the results of the test panels are received,
these will be assessed in detail and a report will be given on the results. The programme requires ongoing re-evaluation and adjustment. Thereafter
at each monthly appointment all areas of focus will be discussed and the medicines
and protocol adapted as required dependant on the changes that occur.


Monthly one to one consultations with both clinic directors
Ongoing consultations with the senior nutritionist
A full evolving and adapting treatment plan
Functional Medicine Health Coaching to help you implement the plan
Unlimited contact time for any queries that may arise
Cognitive testing CNSVS/VCS/MOCA at intervals
Team review of care


Functional Testing
Herbal medicines and supplements
Dental Screen £180 (optional)

Additional costs to the patient:

Retesting of tests out of range will have to be repeated at 3 – 6 month intervals

Any supplements which are recommended for the protocol

A specific personalised herbal medicine prescription each month totalling approximately £50 – £60/month

Subscription to Dr. Bredesen’s ReCODE $75 monthly – Recode System