The Brain Health Programme is six weeks nutrition and lifestyle coaching programme. It has been designed to optimise brain health and cognitive function using a multi-modal nutrition and lifestyle approach.

You will attend weekly meetings covering topics that have all been shown in research as being important for brain health, including:

Nutrition for brain health
Optimising Gut Health
Stress Reduction
Getting a good night’s sleep
Brain Training

Each workshop is designed to help you engage with every aspect of the programme and understand what you need to do to optimise brain function. The workshops include talks, activities and discussion to show you how to make, and sustain, lifelong food and lifestyle choices to improve brain health.


We will meet once a week via Zoom on a Monday evening starting at 6.00pm -7.30pm

Prior to the workshop, you will receive a handbook with some exercises and homework.

Our first meeting is taking place on the 7th of February and we will finish this programme on the 14th of March.

Booking link below:

Brain Health Programme – Booking by Bookwhen