CogMission, Embracing The Bredesen Protocol

Resolving symptoms of Alzheimer’s, Dementia and cognitive decline by implementing a lifestyle plan with the Bredesen Protocol UK, personalised to you and your body’s needs.

There is no single, ‘magic pill’ cure for Alzheimer’s, but that’s nowhere near the end of the line for diagnosed patients or those carrying the ‘Alzheimer’s gene’.

The Bredesen Protocol is a systematised approach to boosting health and reversing the effects of cognitive decline.

When studying the disease, Dr Bredesen realised that there were far more than a handful of causes for cognitive decline, so it was going to take a lot more than a handful of pills to fix.

In fact, there are 36 different factors that can be tested, monitored and rebalanced in order to enable the body and brain to heal itself from symptoms of Dementia and Alzheimer’s.

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Don’t mask the symptoms.

Take control, find out what is actually happening in your body, and learn how to protect your mind by making the right health choices for your body.

Here at CogMission, our team of health experts use the Bredesen Protocol UK to treat patients as the individuals that they are.

We use your lab results, coach you through personalised plans designed by us to relieve your symptoms, and help you understand how your nutrition choices might impact your brain.

Using the Bredesen protocol, we empower you to improve your life, regain cognitive function and fight a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s or Dementia.

It only takes one call to get started – read the information, ask us questions, and then take that step to better health with us, today.

‘Carol is now much better. She has been able to follow conversations and give very appropriate responses. Most noticeable has been a return of personality and social interaction. She worked on CMEs (continuing medical education) and was able to interpret and find answers better than she has in a long time. She was so excited about it that she continued for hours’

Husband to Carol, 59 year old nurse with Type 3 Alzheimer’s Disease

Dr Dale Bredesen

Author of The End of Alzheimer's

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So you want to talk to us about improving cognitive health, either for yourself or a relative?


First thing first: read as much as you can about us and our work offering the Bredesen Protocol UK. Check out our FAQs, read about the price list, find out more about the team, and download our free guide to the CogMission process for cognitive decline (coming soon – email us to secure your free Brain Health e-book) as soon as it’s ready .

Then, please reach out to us by email to arrange your free 20 minute consultation call, to discuss the specifics of your needs with the clinic directors.

We’ll arrange initial tests.

After talking to our directors via phone or email, you decide whether CogMission and the Bredesen Protocol is the right programme for you.

Once you’re completely happy with the process, we’ll arrange payment and get started with the blood tests.

If you’re local to Edinburgh then we’ll send our friendly phlebotomist to you!

If not, we’ll help you find a trained nurse in your area.

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Allowing for a few weeks to get those results, we start putting together your unique treatment plan.

You will have sessions, either in-office or via Skype, with our directors and nutritionist to get you off to the best start.

We’ll cover everything from nutrition and diet to lifestyle and optimal herbal medicine, all totally personalised to your needs.

We’ll help you to follow your plan with regular meetings with CogMission staff, and we’ll get the follow-up tests booked in for a few months’ time so we can measure progress and tweak as necessary.

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  All our recipes are developed or selected by our nutritional therapist Jackie to ensure that they are good for brain and body, especially for those following the Bredesen Protocol for dementia or Alzheimer's symptoms. This recipe is: - low carb - high fat -...

Meet Team CogMission | The Bredesen Protocol UK

CogMission brings together medical specialists, passionate about researching and resolving Alzheimer’s and Dementia with a functional medicine approach.

Room interior with bright colours, desk and 2 chairs.

Founded in 2017, our clinic is a wee walk from Haymarket train station in Edinburgh. This is where we welcome patients, do tests, hold our one-on-one monthly patient meetings, create personalised herbal prescriptions, and lots more!

Pop up to the About Us tab to read more about each of our marvellous practitioners. We are a diverse and multi-talented team with specialities ranging from biomedical feedback and acupuncture to herbal medicine, nutrition to dentistry. We work together to ensure you get the best approach and support on your journey resolving Alzheimer’s and Dementia symptoms using the Bredesen Protocol UK.


Get in touch today!

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