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We take a holistic view to analyse the many factors that contribute to mental decline in every person we treat

How does the Bredesen Protocol UK work?

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How healthy is your brain?

We provide comprehensive cognitive check-ups for anyone who is in good brain health who would like to help prevent possible mental decline in the future.

Health lifestyle plans for Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia

We provide tailored solutions to help resolve symptoms of mental decline for people living with Alzheimer’s, dementia or other cognitive conditions.

” As a professor, when my cognitive decline began, I was terrified. My brain is my main commodity. Having seen my mum go through dementia, I knew the signs. I was struggling during lectures with mathematical formulas and word finding. It came to the point where I thought I may have to give up my work. I was terrified. CogMission quickly identified the cause and since following their recommendations, my cognitive functions have fully recovered. I would highly recommend their services for anyone who values their brain health. “

” CogMission is professional in everything they do. I was diagnosed with primary progressive aphasia and had difficulty with speech. The condition is usually progressive, but my speech has now improved and I feel that I feel better because I have you, Jean and Charmaine. “

” Having a family history of Alzheimer’s disease, I was on the alert for any significant changes when I realised I was having symptoms my father had in the years previous to his diagnosis. Those changes manifested in 2013 when I was 54. There was no help available to me. Having a nursing background, I endlessly searched for a solution as I struggled to keep symptoms at bay. Thankfully I learned of Cogmission and attended in the summer of 2019. In three to four months, I learned what was at the root of the symptoms I had struggled with for 6 years. To say I’m delighted is an understatement. There are no words to fully express my joy and gratitude at being able to restore my health. It’s also reassuring to be guided by the Cogmission team who genuinely care about the outcome for the patient”

” Rarely have I experienced such deep insight as with the team of Cogmission in the field of improving cognitive abilities. I am completely reassured by their interpretation of the outcomes of all tests. I now have both a plan and the tools to make the most of my years above 60. I have a few family members with dementia so I decided it was the proverbial no-brainer to have me tested by Cogmission. And I’m glad I have. I preferred to invest one time in testing and in the prescribed protocol to dramatically increase chances for a much healthier older age. I come from a family with a medical background and I can attest that this team is incredibly knowledgeable.”

The Bredesen Protocol UK – a new treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease, Dementia and cognitive conditions

The Bredesen Protocol is a nutrition-based treatment programme developed through the research of Dr Dale Bredesen, who is based in California, USA.

Dr Bredesen identified dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease as complex illnesses with up to 45 previously unrecognised contributory factors, rather than conditions that could be considered as whole diseases.

Not every person affected by neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s is impacted by every factor identified in this research.

The Bredesen Protocol UK enables our fully trained practitioners Charmaine Shepherd and Jean Dow to identify the specific causes of cognitive decline in each patient and create a personalised treatment plan to combat further mental decline.

Nutrition-Based Treatment Programme

Cognoscopy checks – minding your brain health

A cognoscopy check consists of extensive testing, which enables our team to create an accurate picture of your current brain health.

These tests identify what’s healthy about your brain currently and areas which could be improved.

The tests examine various factors which affect brain health, including toxic exposure and vascular health.

Our service includes a consultation to discuss your test results and you’ll receive a personalised action plan to help you restore your cognitive health.

Cognoscopy Checks

Neurofeedback – technology to map your brain

Neurofeedback is a way of training brainwaves back into healthy patterns using computer technology. It works by using audio and visual cues to change timing and activation patterns in the brain.

Research studies have proven this non-invasive and drug-free approach to be effective in treating conditions such as depression, anxiety, ADHD, fibromyalgia and migraines.

Our neurofeedback service is available in 10 or 20 session packages and pay-as-you-go sessions.

We recommend that patients commit to at least 20 sessions because this training level is likely to result in the brain to self-regulate to healthy patterns on a permanent basis.

Brain Health Programme workshops

Over 1 million people in the UK will have dementia by 2025 and this number is set to rise to 2 million by 2051.

Dementia research is still underfunded in the UK but as believers in lifelong learning, we have developed our Brain Health Programme workshops, which take place several times a year in our friendly Edinburgh clinic.

Our 2-day workshops feature fully trained practitioners who are specialists in their fields, including nutrition, biofeedback therapy and herbal medicine.

We have designed our workshops to provide you with the education you need to take control of your brain health. All our advice is grounded in scientific evidence and our workshop leaders are on hand to provide you with tailored guidance.

Brain Health Programme Workshops