Cognoscopy Video Transcript

The brain is the master control of all body functions and stores critical information.

Keeping a sharp brain helps in retaining memory, reasoning, attention and concentration. If you’re worried that you might be losing focus at work, losing concentration or forgetting things, then getting your brain tested is a brilliant idea. A check-up of cognitive function is called a Cognoscopy.

Just like you would run an mot and do maintenance work for a car before problems set in, running an mot for the brain is a great way to make sure you prevent any future cognitive issues.

So how does this work?

Firstly, choose which type of Cognoscopy you wish, then blood testing is carried out by us or if you’re at a distance, we will send you kits to have a local phlebotomist do this. We will then ask you to complete a detailed health history evaluation. A computerised cognitive assessment will be carried out to set a baseline of brain performance. CogMission then receives the blood test results and cognitive assessments and analyse and put together a personalised programme of care with specific recommendations based on the results.

We then arrange a one-hour consultation to review in detail your tests and the programme recommended. Finally, we then agree with you on a time to review brain performance, usually six or twelve months with the hope of finding measurable changes.

Brain performance can be enhanced if changes are detected early, so don’t wait to get yourself checked today.