Visiting the Trivita Clinic

Written by Jean Dow

The Trivita Clinic – is as its name suggests, is a clinic for the three most important things in patient care, physical, emotional and spiritual life/health. You enter the clinic and are met by the large wall plaque asking “Why are you here”?

Paul Bernitt the clinic director explains that the important thing in health care is not asking about the who or the what – but the why? If you can answer and satisfy that question with patients you will get to the root of their problems and ultimately gain good health. This of course is the basis of the work that CogMission do with our patients – the why?

The Trivita clinic follow Dr Dale Bredesen’s work and more. They look at every patient as an individual, as we do, and try to work as closely as possible at every level. Not every patient is open to working at spiritual/emotional levels but they try to explain the important of having those aspects of self, being given attention too.  They do the same extensive work up on patients as we do and also have the facilities to do neurofeedback training, brain mapping which is a non invasive diagnostic tool used to evaluate brainwaves in real time and identify opportunities to improve function and restore balance.

Interestingly they didn’t have a nutritionist working with them which I certainly feel is something that would be critical for the successful implementation of Dr Bredesen’s programme.

Dr Chandler trained at John Hopkins University of Medicine  and he and his team cover everything from women’s health, to pain management, heart health, allergies, hormonal health, stem cell treatment, biofeedback, acupuncture, heartmath, herbal/homeopathy/bach flower remedies and   peptide treatment. It was strange seeing Candice Perts book “Molecules of Emotion” on their treatment table as it’s a book I read many years ago that completely inspired me in my care of patients.

This clinic encourages patients to heal their minds as well as their bodies, having them list values, negative as well as positive, setting goals, writing mission statements, doing visualisation.

They have their own lecture theatre (see the photographs) including all the film and recording capabilities and are regularly producing livestream interviews with patients, their families and healthcare professionals. They recognise that the biggest obstacle we have at the moment is lack of awareness that there are alternatives.

As I walked through this huge clinic I was so aware of the warmth of atmosphere and lack of the cold and clinical, yet it was totally professional decorated in warm pastels, with sofa’s and comfortable seating areas for patients and their families. The biofeedback room has big pod chairs and Himalayan rock salt built into panels in the windows. They have their own built in gym for the staff as they want to walk their talk and encourage their staff to do the same. Their vision and ambition is inspirational and I just kept thinking how wonderful would it be if this was everyone’s healthcare experience.

A little aside – Paul has invited Charmaine, Jackie and I to do a livestream interview with him which he will produce and then upload to youtube and our website. So watch this space.

As I’m leaving the clinic I’m met by a wall painting at least 20 feet in length that says “You have everything you need RIGHT NOW to begin” A truth indeed.

Cheryl and Jean at the Trivita Clinic

Jean and Paul

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