Meeting Cheryl Brittingham

Written by Jean Dow

Who believes in serendipity? Coincidence? Happenstance? When Charmaine and I decided to attend the Toxicity seminar in Phoenix Arizona, I had the decision to make of where to stay as I was going to be on my own for two days. Charmaine was on a flying visit to her family in Denver.

For those of you who don’t know, Phoenix covers 517 square miles, contains 1,626,000 people (as of 2017) and has 15 urban villages within the boundaries. After looking at lots of different areas I made a gut choice to stay in a place outside the city boundaries, a place called Scottsdale. It is home of the Navajo people and it seemed a very interesting place to visit.

The day before we flew we received a message from a lady called Cheryl Brittingham, who had been sharing all the work that CogMission do on her Instagram and web pages. Cheryl is a passionate advocate of the Bredesen Protocol. She heard we were travelling to Phoenix and wondered if we were interested in meeting her for a chat. We said yes and that we would be in touch when we arrived. Cheryl was visiting her daughter in Phoenix and was doing a tour of an integrated clinic. She asked if I like to go along with her to see it and was I willing to travel to meet her. Cheryl was in Scottsdale, as was the clinic! How could I possibly refuse!!

Don’t you just love when things come together like that?

Cheryl is a retired special needs teacher. Her father sadly died of dementia a few years ago, but not before she saw a miracle happen when he went on a self-enforced fast. He was refusing to eat because he didn’t want to be in a care home. Three days later after having none of his usual donuts for breakfast, he suddenly “woke up”. He was engaged, knew her and her children and almost everything about his life for a period of about 24 hours. Within thirty minutes of the home then feeding him his donuts and coffee, he completely regressed and never regained his health.

This sent Cheryl on a mission to find out what happened.

After months of searching she eventually came across Dr Bredesen, The Bredesen Protocol, and the importance and impact of fasting. She has made it her mission to make sure that people like her don’t have to wait until after their parent dies, to find out that there is an alternative and that something could perhaps be done.

She is totally self-funded, and she has set up a web page and posts every single day something about Dr Bredesen’s work on her Instagram page of the same name. And this is how she found us.

So at 8 am sharp in a lovely temperature of 28 degrees I arrived at the Trivita clinic, Scottsdale.

To be continued…………

Cheryl and Jean at the Trivita Clinic

Cheryl and Jean

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