Environmental Toxins affecting your health

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New research is flooding in daily around environmental toxins and health and we should all be very concerned.

A 2005 study of cord blood of newborn babies showed that on average, babies entered this world exposed to over 287 identifiable and measurable toxins. These compounds are not benign. More than 180 of these are directly linked to cancer and over 217 are neurotoxic.

There are over 85000 chemicals registered, and only about 500 of these have been fully tested for safety. Studies show that 100% of Americans tested have glycophosphate present in their urine. There is NO safe level for mutagens (cancer causing substances).

Evidence shows that puberty is beginning on average 5 years earlier than it would have 50 years ago, there is an increase in undescended testes and an increasing feminization of the male reproductive tract. Since the 1900s, sperm counts have dropped by over 50%.

In 1974, one in 30 women was destined to get breast cancer. In 2019 the statistics have changed dramatically, now one in 8 women will have to face that same challenge at some point in their lives. There is a 19% increase in incidence of auto-immune diseases over the past 30 years.

Experts believe that many of the diseases we now see are as a result of an overload of toxins combined with poor nutrition, genetic susceptibility and stress. Often, it is a combination of factors that create a perfect storm.

Even when genetic factors create susceptibility, our environmental burden is what often breaks the camel’s back. For example, coeliac disease has risen from 1 in 100 000 (1986) to 180 in 100 000 (2015).

Our focus at CogMission is on cognitive health and we were not surprised to hear that pesticide use is associated with an increase of 42% in Alzheimer’s disease in recent years. The cost to health is beyond measure.

On average, women use 15-16 personal products before they even leave home in the mornings! The accumulation of chemicals in our bodies is growing and the burden on our systems leads to disease.

As government regulation is lagging behind on safety we all need to do whatever we can to protect ourselves from toxic exposures. Please click here to see our advice on how to reduce your body burden.

Written by Charmaine Shepherd

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